Ours Suppliers

Automate your administrative process and accelerate your payments.
Focus on your business side with retailers.

We deduct 1,5%* (VAT excl.) from your invoices (VAT incl.) on your 10 days statements paid within 13 days.

– Partner suppliers have to send every accounting document (invoice/credit note/cancellation of invoice) to BEE WAX either automatically or manually.

– Accounting documents are digitally archived legally.

– 100% unlimited guarantee towards partner members is ensured without any conditions

* provided that the supplier does not grant superior conditions to its customers or to any competitors

Delivery check and claim process within 10 days. Then one payment every 10 days for all members

Partner suppliers eliminate risk management (dunning letters/credit insurance/debt collection)

Recurrent orders et members prospecting in a B2B marketplace (from 300 members)